Frequently Asked Questions

How can we book your services?

 Please call us on (805) 453 8510 or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you asap.  We will convene a first meeting at your home to meet you and your pet(s) and discuss your needs.  We schedule the appointments and set up where you will receive your daily picture of your best friend(s) (mobile phone, email, social media ...) 


How will you access our home?

 You will either hand us a key at our meeting, or we can come to pick up the key 24h prior to your trip. We also work with key boxes.  


What makes you so special?

  • We consider every pet as a very special being and accept pet sittings of all animals, whether cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, hamsters or your fish.
  • We are the exclusive distributor of Husse pet food and accessories. Husse is the European market leader for pet food, which is 100% natural and GMO free.  European animals are in much better shape than elsewhere, and food is a major factor of this discrepancy. All Husse pet food and accessories products are delivered free of charge to your door.
  • We are fully licensed, certified, insured and bonded
  • We are Pet CPR and First Aid certified


How often do we need to book your services?

 We are at your full disposal for one-of or for regular services.  You may book us during your vacation, for a week-end trip, while you go shipping or enjoy a late night out.  We are delighted to help you through times of fatigue and immobilisation, when you are overbooked or have mobility problems. Don't forget to ask us about rebates for frequent clients !


What happens in case of emergency during my absence?

 You will communicate to us your preferred veterinarian during the initial interview and we will bring your pet to exactly this professional, if he is available. We will have discussed with you a back-up solution, if this is needed.  And we will of course inform you at any time about the situation.


How easy will it be for my pet to get used to your pet sitters?

 You will have met your pet sitter at your initial, free of charge, meet & greet meeting. We will ensure that it is thereafter always the same pet sitter responsible for your pet.  This will create a bond and your pet will be used to seeing and interacting with his pet sitter.  


What happens if I am delayed in coming back home?

 We will continue our daily routine service until we hear back from you, confirming that you have safely arrived back home.  And alternatively you can contact us to let us know your changed travel plans.

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