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We are fully committed to offer exceptional care with lots of love for your dog(s) and all of our services are personalized to meet your dog's individual needs.


Dog walks can be anything from a "slow sniff & potty break" to a energetic exercise walk. Our private walking service therefore allows to address exactly your dog's

  • Character, 
  • Size,
  • Physical Abilities and
  • Age.  


Your dog's physical and psychological needs will determine, which route we take, how long and how strong we will exercise and when it will be time to go back home. Your dog will receive the necessary activity to stay or become healthy and happy.  


You dog will be taken care of at the time of the day you request.  This may be in the middle of your work day, to allow the dog a well timed interruption during the day. Or it will correspond precisely to your pet's daily routine behaviour. In any case, we will make our very best effort to perfectly adapt to your and your dog's schedule.


We will walk your dog in your neighborhood and only in safe areas like parks, woodlands or beaches.  


Regular dog walks are available with a weekly ongoing set schedule or you book us on an "as needed" basis to meet your temporary needs.


We walk your dog according to your instructions.  We offer walks in 30 and 60 minutes increments.


We do not gather multiple dogs from different households, but are exclusively dedicated to your pet(s).


Your dog(s) get all the time, attention, love and care they deserve.


Additional time can also be allotted for:

  • Playing with toys
  • Brushing
  • Petting
  • Dressing your dog in his favorite outfit
  • Feeding
  • Giving medications
  • Minding your home (bringing the mail in, watering the plants, ...)


We always leave happy dog(s), towel-dried and inspected, with a fresh bowl of water and  Husse dog food samples, if allowed.

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